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About us

Paolino doo was established in 2007 and is the successor to the technological process of KAPOL doo, which was the first private company in the Republic of Macedonia, which started to work with espresso coffee and other related products from an Italian assortment in the distant 1991. Kalpol doo dealt with imports from Italy and the sale of espresso coffee, coffee products and catering equipment. Due to the increased demand on the market, in 1997 started its own production of espresso coffee with training and under the control of top Italian experts involved in the process of coffee processing, to finished product. In 2007, KAPOL doo was re-branded in the Paolino coffee shop and added in its assortment new mixtures of espresso coffee with extra quality Paolino-Royal. The products quickly found their place on the domestic market and found a good reception among consumers. The products of Paolino doo are suitable for caterers who want to offer their guests ultimate enjoyment, a refined taste ensured by the quality and the packaging that preserves the consistency of the product, as well as the selection of quality grain varieties. Paolino Doo remains committed to creating a premium-quality coffee designed for the taste and the most demanding consumers.


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Website: www.cafepaolino.com

Address: Bitola Kukurečani, 7000 Macedonia

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